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Ie tools for validating xml

Steven Holzner provides example code that puts the MSXML 4.0 package (which now supports full schemas) to work to load a new HTML page into Internet Explorer.The example uses Java Script to load an XML schema in and use it to verify an XML document.(Note that to run this example, ch05_01.html, ch05_02.xsd, and ch05_03should all be in the same directory.) Figure 5.1— Using XML schemas in Internet Explorer.If you look closely at Listing ch05_01.html, you'll see that the code in that example loads both the XML document and the XML schema.Please note that this post was created before I first heard of Extent Reports.If you want to create nice-looking HTML reports for your (Selenium) tests, I highly recommend checking it out.

You can indicate where the schema is with the When you load this new HTML page, ch05_04.html, into Internet Explorer, you'll get the same results as you see in Figure 5.1 (to run this example, ch05_02.xsd, ch05_04.html, and ch05_05should all be in the same directory). NET uses for a particular dataset, use the Data | View Dataset Schema menu item. As you can see here and in many other applications, software support for XML schemas is now real.For this, I used an extremely simple HTML template (yes, I was too lazy even to indent it properly): method simply clears all previous test results by emptying the List we use to store our test results.When we run our test, the following HTML report is generated: Here, we can clearly see that our test results are now available in a nicely readable (though not yet very pretty) format.When we run this script, one error is generated as text field 4 contains a different default value (go to the URL in the script to see for yourself).Custom reporting functions To be able to create a nice HTML report, we first need some custom reporting functions that store test results in a way we can reuse them later to generate our report.

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Version 4.0 is the version that supports full schemas, also called XML Schema Definition Language (XSD) schemas.