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Nz teen sex dating

If police wish to conduct a strip search in circumstances that do not involve drugs or firearms, they must have a warrant or have made an arrest and had reasonable grounds to do so.A same-sex officer should be present where possible.If the charge is proved, Beatrice will be sentenced.The sentence varies depending on the nature of the offence and whether it's the first time she's been in trouble.The school just phoned to say that my daughter Dana, who was with Carl, is suspected of selling marijuana and that the police plan to strip search her. However, if Dana is not given a chance to consult you or a nominated person before the search, her rights may be infringed.The Commissioner for Children has ruled that such a search would breach Dana's rights under the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act and the Children's and Young People's Well-being Act.

He can ask the police to clarify any aspect of his rights that he is unsure of. Police have the right to search, including strip search, without a warrant under the Misuse of Drugs Act, but they must have reasonable grounds to suspect the Act has been broken.

And even if she can babysit, it doesn't follow you can leave your kids in her care for, say, the whole weekend. Under the Crimes Act, the age of consent for boys and girls is 16. I found condoms in my 15-year-old daughter Mereama's school bag. My daughter Hayley, who is 15, is pregnant and is considering her options. Neither parent can demand that Hayley have an abortion, or stop her from having one. She and her boyfriend Jack, the father, are unsure of their rights and responsibilities.

I'm fairly sure my son Wiremu, who is 14, and his girlfriend Faith, who is 16, are having sex. If your daughter has a baby, the father must help to pay for the child.

If Carl and Dana are approached by police during school hours, they must give their names, addresses and dates of birth.

If they have a good reason for not being at school they should say so.

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