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Posted by / 23-Jun-2017 21:17

EDIT: Well after it failed again I exited the program, pulled out the USB plugged it in again and restarted the program... just installed this update, signal strength at my desk mow 93-97 d Bm previously it was up to 117 d Bm.The real test is whether i can receive calls in the crypt at work.

Forums Loading × Sorry to interrupt CSS Error Refresh. I had to: Setup all my scenes again Reinstall all wanted apps and widgets (not necessarily a bad thing, it forced me to get rid of crap I wasn't using).Setup email accounts – emails on the device were gone Setup market account Resync my contacts with HTC sync All of this took about 20 – 30 mins.) Tried to put the telstra ROM back on my phone but again I get ERROR 140 Bootloader version error. Can anyone who upgraded to this ROM post the HBOOT version thanks. If you get the USB device not connected message, just try again.It is caused by the PC not installing the bootloader drivers within the 1 min time out period.

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