Validating holistic scoring for writing assessment

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This is usually measured on a scale on which zero (0.00) represents death and unity (1.00) is good health.

A MAU instrument measures the utility of a health state.

Typically, there is a very large dispersion of individual results around the average score and, consequently, the average QALY value would be a highly unreliable predictor of the utility for any one individual person.

It follows from this that QALYs are only appropriately used for assessing the overall impact of a program and not the benefit obtained by any given individual from that program.

In principle, a dollar value could be attached to each QALY and dollar costs compared with dollar benefits (thereby converting 'cost utility analysis into cost benefits analysis). Cost effectiveness and cost utility analysis were introduced specifically to avoid the need to place a dollar value upon life per se.For these reasons, it is important that the role, strengths and weaknesses of QALYs be understood when evaluation results are interpreted.Despite these difficulties, the majority of health service researchers appear to accept that the measurement of QALYs represents an important development since they explicitly recognize the importance of health related quality of life and enable its measurement during program evaluation.This measures the cost of achieving an additional quality adjusted life year (QALY).All else equal interventions are preferred when the cost per QALY is low.

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When the quality of life is affected by a medical intervention it must be included in an economic evaluation.